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Автор 5GvIAP_Stork   
23.03.2008 г.
During the beta period of Aces High, 715A and leonid formed the 129 IAP. The primary aircraft flown was the La-5FN, which the regiment flew with great effectiveness, and for a time it was the deadliest fighter in the game. When Aces High went from open beta to monthly subscription the 129 IAP was designated 5 GIAP in recognition of its skillful record during the beta period. Unfortunately, many of its Russian pilots left the regiment, because they were unable to pay the subscription fee. The regiment has since officially withdrawn from Aces High, and its emphasis is now shifted to Maddox Games' amazing flight sim, Il-2. This game is now out, covers the Russian front air war, is very mission-oriented, and contains extensive online and offline capabilities.
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